Hybrid system

The hybrid system offers you a comprehensive solution consists of:

• network of sensors

• reference measuring station

• software that processes data and provides information for cities and municipalities through mobile devices

Hybrid monitoring system can monitor a whole range of parameters that pollute the

air, but the main endpoint is dust particles PM1,0, PM2,5, PM10.

Dust particles come from both human activity (industry, energy, transport, agriculture)and from natural sources(wind, forest fire). Bu tin the case of small particles combustion processes are the main source. Inhalation of dust causes damage to the circulatory and respiratory systems. The most risky are the fine particles of PM1.0 and PM2.5, which penetrate into the alveoli where they settle. The negative effects of particulate matter are enhanced by the existence of other pollutants on their surface, such as heavy metals, or highly carcinogenic benzo (a) pyrene.

Benefits of Hybrid system

Low cost solutions over networks made up of only reference stations
Quality and accurate data
Comprehensive operation

Reference monitoring station

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